My husband had just gone through his second operation in two weeks. What was supposed to be a five day hospital stay turned into a five week hospital stay. We came home last Saturday, and I cannot tell you what these emails from you have meant to me.
Today I am so battling thoughts of serious depression. I remembered to open my daily Fast from Wrong Thinking emails, and praise the Lord, it is exactly the message I needed! It reminded me that He took care of all my needs, and He can remove the pain life and others have brought upon me. Thank you for the wonderful words I need so desperately today!
I thank God for the 40-day Fast from Wrong Thinking. God had blessed me tremendously by Pastor Dickow's willingness to follow the Lord's leadership and share these wonderful individual steps to renew my mind. I have been in Christ Jesus for 24 years, and for most of those years I have battled doubt and fear. Because of changing the way I think, I have finally found victory over these battles! When these or other wrong thoughts sneak in, I now have the weapons to fight, overcome and be victorious in the battle. I pray that these fasts will continue as we overcome even more wrong thoughts. I thank God for you, Pastor Dickow!
Good Day, Pastor Dickow

I would like to thank God for these revelations and your obedience to share such a powerful tool! It has changed my life in my marriage, my work place, and everywhere I go. I hardly think negatively anymore. Please don't stop the Fast; the world will be a better place because of changing the way we think. May God bless you and your family. ~ Lucy, South Africa
Adeyemi and Rita
I have certainly improved and continue to improve each day! Thank you so very much for your God-given wisdom and efforts to help us all to move in the right direction. God bless you!
I am a Christian Counselor. Our ministry works with marriages and individuals in crises, and your Fast from Wrong Thinking has been a great tool that God has used to help bring His Truth and His Spiritual Healing to our clients. It is amazing how often our clients would need the exact word God had given you for that day. God has ministered greatly to me as an individual believer, as well and my clients, through this fast. Thank you for being willing to be such an effective conduit for God's truth and power to flow through.
This has been a super blessing for me, my family and friends. We live in Mexico, and one of my friends actually translated the first 40 days and distributed them between friends and family. They all have been impacted by changing their thinking. Thank you for this effort! Our lives have been touched, and we have been able to expand the blessing to others. May God continue to bless you and prosper you in everything.
I love the simplicity of using the From the Inside Out daily devotionals to gradually change my way of thinking to God's way of thinking. I've come to realize more and more that God is for me and not against me.
I just recently started reading the Fast from Wrong Thinking devotional and passing it on to family and friends. This has been such a blessing to me, because this is the main area where I do battle with the devil most of the time. Everything in my life starts in my thought life. Thanks so much for obeying the Lord's leading to teach this tough subject. It is truly changing my life and so many others' from the inside out. Alleluia!
Thank you for letting God use you to show us how to do just what God said we must do to cast down imaginations. I've never had anybody take every negative thought and contradict it with scripture like this. It has helped me so much in this time. Thank you for obeying the LORD to do this. I get up early sometimes just to get the daily bread of this teaching. Thank you again.
I have been truly blessed by the messages over this past week. I've been so stressed and worried about everything that's going wrong in my life, that I was unable to see my daily blessings. These daily words are helping me to grow spiritually and have uplifted me.

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