"...forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead..." Philippians 3:13b
Fast From Wrong Thinking 40 Day Journey!
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 Day 1 - Fast from 'There's no hope.'
 Day 2 - Fast from 'I just can't see things getting better.'
 Day 3 - Fast from 'The Future Is Fearful & Uncertain'
 Day 4 - Fast from 'How could something so bad ever turn into something good?'
 Day 5 - Fast from 'Why doesn't God do something about this?'
 Day 6 - Fast from 'I feel helpless.'
 Day 7 - Fast from 'I just don't know what to do.'
 Day 8 - Fast from 'I haven't done enough for the miracle I need.'
 Day 9 - Fast from 'I'm limited.'
 Day 10 - Fast from 'I can't shake my past.'
 Day 11 - Fast from 'It's hard to wake up with enthusiasm and optimism.'
 Day 12 - Fast from 'I need a blessing.'
 Day 13 - Fast from 'I know God's favor is going to come, when I change.'
 Day 14 - Fast from 'Things just aren't working out for me.'
 Day 15 - Fast from 'I promise you God...'
 Day 16 - Fast from 'I wish...'
 Day 17 - Fast from 'I need to be in the right place at the right time.'
 Day 18 - Fast from 'Success seems to elude my grasp.'
 Day 19 - Fast from 'It must not be God's will or it would have happened."'
 Day 20 - Fast from 'What have I done?'
 Day 21 - Fast from 'I can't stop'
 Day 22 - Fast from 'I'm not good at...'
 Day 23 - Fast from 'I'm trying so hard to please God.'
 Day 24 - Fast from 'I'm just not holy enough.'
 Day 25 - Fast from 'I'm not good enough for God to bless me.'
 Day 26 - Fast from 'I feel cursed.'
 Day 27 - Fast from 'I feel like giving up.'
 Day 28 - Fast from 'My faith doesn't seem to be working.'
 Day 29 - Fast from 'This problem is too big!'
 Day 30 - Fast from 'Maybe God's promises just don't apply to ME.'
 Day 31 - Fast from 'I don't feel like I'm really changing.'
 Day 32 - Fast from 'I'm offended.'
 Day 33 - Fast from 'I feel so bitter.'
 Day 34 - Fast from 'People don't treat me right.'
 Day 35 - Fast from 'I'm so mad at myself.'
 Day 36 - Fast from 'Happiness is so hard to find.'
 Day 37 - Fast from 'I'm stressed out.'
 Day 38 - Fast from 'I feel like I've failed'
 Day 39 - Fast from 'I'm lacking something'
 Day 40 - Fast from 'There's no point in dreaming a dream. I'm just trying to survive.'

Fasting from Wrong Thinking: Think Forward
 Welcome Message
 Day 1 - I Feel Powerless.
 Day 2 - I Can't
 Day 3 - I'm Afraid.
 Day 4 - I Don't Feel Loved.
 Day 5 - It's Too Late.
 Day 6 - I've Messed Things Up Too Badly.
 Day 7 - I Don't Have Enough.
 Day 8 - Things Aren't Getting Better. They're Getting Worse!
 Day 9 - Backward Thinking
 Day 10 - I Feel So Angry.
 Day 11 - I Feel Guilty.
 Day 12 - What's Wrong With Me?
 Day 13 - After What I've Done Wrong, I Don't Deserve To Be Blessed.
 Day 14 - It's Too Hard To Find God's Will.
 Day 15 - That's Just The Way I Am.
 Day 16 - I Feel Unhappy A Lot.
 Day 17 - I Feel Trapped.
 Day 18 - The Devil Is More Powerful Than Me.
 Day 19 - I Could Succeed If I had The Right Surroundings.
 Day 20 - My Life Is Out Of Control.
 Day 21 - God Must Not Want Me To Have This
 Day 22 - I'm Stuck
 Day 23 - Will I Ever Get Ahead?
 Day 24 - I Can't Expect To Be Blessed All The Time.
 Day 25 - I Can't Control My Emotions.
 Day 26 - Don't Get Your Hopes UP.
 Day 27 - Something Bad Is Going To Happen To Me.
 Day 28 - I'm Inferior.
 Day 29 - I'm Running Out.
 Day 30 - God Is Far From Me.
 Day 31 - The Battle Is So Hard.
 Day 32 - God Is Mad At Me.
 Day 33 - If I Can Just Stop Sinning, I'll Be Holy And Pleasing To God.
 Day 34 - I Just Can't Forgive Myself.
 Day 35 - I'm So Depressed.
 Day 36 - If I Find The Right Person, Then I'll Be Happy.
 Day 37 - How Could I Ever Recover From This Loss?
 Day 38 - Will God Do It?
 Day 39 - I Can't Get The Victory.
 Day 40 - It's Impossible.

Lasting Change From the Inside Out
 Day 1 - "I feel like God is against me."
 Day 2 - "Will this situation ever turnaround?"
 Day 3 - "I'll never be able to change this area of my life."
 Day 4 - "I just don't feel I do enough for God."
 Day 5 - "I just don't measure up as a Christian."
 Day 6 - "It's just so hard to be a Christian."
 Day 7 - "It's so hard to be a Christian." - part 2
 Day 8 - "I don't feel like I'm pleasing to God."
 Day 9 - "Something bad is bound to happen to me."
 Day 10 - "Nothing seems to be getting better in my life."
 Day 11 - "Things really look bad."
 Day 12 - "What's going to stop tragedy from happening to me?"
 Day 13 - "God must not care; because He hasn't done anything to stop this."
 Day 14 - "There's something deeply wrong with me."
 Day 15 - "This is a scary time in the world."
 Day 16 - "What if my harvest doesn't come?"
 Day 17 - "I should stop giving because I'm not receiving."
 Day 18 - "I must be selfish for wanting to have more."
 Day 19 - "God keeps us humble by keeping us poor."
 Day 20 - "God must be rewarding "them" and not "me"."
 Day 21 - "I just don't have enough faith to get the results I need."
 Day 22 - "I give up."
 Day 23 - "God is sending this storm to teach me a lesson or build my character."
 Day 24 - "This problem just never seems to go away."
 Day 25 - "I can't seem to stop this anxiety."
 Day 26 - "I feel unhappy a lot."
 Day 27 - "I feel like God is unhappy with me."
 Day 28 - Fast from excuse-making mentalities
 Day 29 - "I just can't seem to catch a break."
 Day 30 - "I feel defeated."
 Day 31 - "My best chances for GREAT success have passed me by."
 Day 32 - "I just donít make enough money at my job."
 Day 33 - "I can't expect to be blessed ALL the time."
 Day 34 - "I don't have enough time. Time is running out on me."
 Day 35 - "I'll never get back what's been lost or stolen."
 Day 36 - "Nobody loves me."
 Day 37 - "I can't seem to experience God's presence."
 Day 38 - "I am trapped and limited financially."
 Day 39 - "I don't pray enough."
 Day 40 - "I'm having such a hard time defeating the devil."

Fasting from Wrong Thinking: Financial Freedom & Peace
 Day 1 - "Money equals prosperity."
 Day 2 - "I need more money."
 Day 3 - "I wonder if prosperity will ever come my way."
 Day 4 - "Things might not get better. They seem to be getting worse!"
 Day 5 - "Prosperity is defined by our financial status."
 Day 6 - "I can't succeed in this economy."
 Day 7 - "Something that good could never happen to me."
 Day 8 - "I don't have enough."
 Day 9 - "God and money don't mix."
 Day 10 - "More money will make me happy."
 Day 11 - "There just isn't enough to go around."
 Day 12 - "It's not always God's will for me to succeed/prosper."
 Day 13 - "I'll never get it back."
 Day 14 - "I can't succeed when things are this bad."
 Day 15 - "After what I've done wrong, I don't deserve to be blessed."
 Day 16 - "I just don't make enough money at my job."
 Day 17 - "I'm so worried about my financial condition."
 Day 18 - "Will I ever be free from this financial pressure?"
 Day 19 - We're fasting from excuses!
 Day 20 - "What if God doesn"t meet my needs?"
 Day 21 - "Will I ever have enough?"
 Day 22 - "If I live as a servant, I'll be taken advantage of and feel inferior."
 Day 23 - "I don't see a way out of my financial situation."
 Day 24 - "If I just do more for God, perhaps He will finally bless me."
 Day 25 - "I don't know what I'll do if THEY don't come through for me."
 Day 26 - "I don't see things changing for the better."
 Day 27 - "Someday I'll succeed."
 Day 28 - "I'm not smart enough to succeed in today's economy."
 Day 29 - "I'm not that good with money."
 Day 30 - "Will I ever have financial peace?"
 Day 31 - "Someone is in the way of my promotion or advancement."
 Day 32 - "I don't have what I need."
 Day 33 - "Will I ever get ahead?"
 Day 34 - "God's presence will leave me if I sin."
 Day 35 - "I could never be wealthy."
 Day 36 - "I guess I have to accept living paycheck to paycheck."
 Day 37 - "Obeying God just doesn't seem to make a difference."
 Day 38 - "What if I end up poor when I'm old?"
 Day 39 - "I missed my chances of success. I missed my opportunities."
 Day 40 - "I doubt I will ever really prosper and succeed."

Revolution 2010, Fasting from Wrong Thinking
 Day 1: "I Canít Change!"
 Day 2: "Even if I change, it won't last. I always fall back."
 Day 3: "Will I ever get ahead?"
 Day 4: "Not everyone can have great success."
 Day 5: Fast from Negative Imaginations
 Day 6: Fast from a negative attitude
 Day 7: Fast from a negative attitude. - part 2
 Day 8: "You never know how life will turn out."
 Day 9: "I'm just not a strong enough Christian."
 Day 10: "This economy is standing in the way of my success."
 Day 11: Fast from thoughts of financial fear.
 Day 12: "If I just do more for God, perhaps He will finally bless me."
 Day 13: "Why is God punishing me?" or "Is God punishing me?"
 Day 14: "It just doesn't pay to do right or to serve God."
 Day 15: "The Bible doesn't work for me like it does for others."
 Day 16: "I could if..."
 Day 17: "I feel trapped."
 Day 18: "I love God, but it just doesn't seem to matter. It doesn't get me anywhere!"
 Day 19: "After all I've done, this is all there is!"
 Day 20: "I just can't break this habit."
 Day 21: "I Just can't break this habit." - part 2
 Day 22: "If I can just stop sinning, I'll be holy and pleasing to God."
 Day 23: "If I just find the right person, I'll be happy."
 Day 24: "You can't be happy all the time."
 Day 25: "This mistake or sin is going to haunt me the rest of my life."
 Day 26: "That person makes me so mad!"
 Day 27: "I don't belong."
 Day 28: "God doesn't care."
 Day 29: "I don't feel loved."
 Day 30: Fasting from thoughts of regret like "I wish I could do it over."
 Day 31: "I'm inferior."
 Day 32: Fast from Thoughts of Jealousy.
 Day 33: "Life is passing me by."
 Day 34: "Why is God letting this happen to me."
 Day 35: "I'm not sure God will meet my needs."
 Day 36: "I don't think this pain will ever go away."
 Day 37: "I'm running out...."
 Day 38: "I'm okay with average."
 Day 39: "I just don't have the discipline to..."
 Day 40: "You can't win 'em all!"

Phase 3, Fasting from Wrong Thinking
 Day 1 - "If things were different, I could really succeed."
 Day 2 - "The Survival Mentality"
 Day 3 - I haven't done enough to get God to answer my prayers or bless me."
 Day 4 - "What if I don't make it?"
 Day 5 - "Someone or something is missing in my life."
 Day 6 - "When is success and prosperity going to come my way?"
 Day 7 - "I'm worried about my finances and what's going on in the world."
 Day 8 - "How could I ever recover from this loss?"
 Day 9 - "The Problem-focused Mentality"
 Day 10 - "The Problem-focused Mentality" - part 2
 Day 11 - "The Scarcity Mentality"
 Day 12 - "I donít have...."
 Day 13 - "This is too much pressure; too many trials; too much for me to take."
 Day 14 - "At this point, things may never change."
 Day 15 - "It is what it is."
 Day 16 - "I don't read the Bible enough."
 Day 17 - "The will of God is such a mystery."
 Day 18 - "I'm so far from God's will and God's heart."
 Day 19 - "I'm afraid."
 Day 20 - "I can't control my emotions."
 Day 21 - "The things around me are really getting to me."
 Day 22 - "Someday"
 Day 23 - "When I overcome this problem, I am really going to be happy."
 Day 24 - "What IF"
 Day 25 - "I'm so bad at making decisions..."
 Day 26 - "I don't have enough."
 Day 27 - "The Mentality of SELF-PITY"
 Day 28 - "Why me?"
 Day 29 - "I don't like myself."
 Day 30 - "I'm ruined. I've messed things up too bad."
 Day 31 - "My life is not very special."
 Day 32 - "I always seem disappointed."
 Day 33 - "I can't seem to stop worrying."
 Day 34 - "How could a loving God allow suffering or evil to happen in my life?"
 Day 35 - "Life is such a mystery. I can't seem to figure it all out."
 Day 36 - "Fasting from Thoughts of doubt"
 Day 37 - "Continuing to Fast from Doubt!"
 Day 38 - "Fast from Negativity!"
 Day 39 - "Fasting from thoughts of failure and defeat."
 Day 40 - "Will God Do It?"
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: "Things aren't getting better. They're getting worse!"
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: Backward Thinking
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: "It's too hard!"
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: "I'll never recover from this."
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: "I'll never recover from this."
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: "It's impossible!"

Phase 2, Fasting From Wrong Thinking
 Day 1 - I Feel Powerless
 Day 2 - Anxiety where finances are concerned
 Day 3 - Thoughts of Uncertainty
 Day 4 - Depending on other people for our needs
 Day 5 - Forgiveness is not that big of a deal
 Day 6 - I tried to forgive but I just don't feel it.
 Day 7 - If I forgive, I'll be taken advantage of
 Day 8 - I just can't forgive myself
 Day 9 - It's just not fair. God's not fair.
 Day 10 - It's not fair. (Part II)
 Day 11 - I don't believe it!
 Day 12 - I must be out of God's will
 Day 13 - What if I miss the will of God? (Part II)
 Day 14 - I feel like a fake; I feel like a hypocrite.
 Day 15 - I just don't have what it takes.
 Day 16 - I'm afraid.
 Day 17 - I'm afraid. (Part II)
 Day 18 - I can't believe this is happening to me!
 Day 19 - People are against me.
 Day 20 - Will I ever win the battle?
 Day 21 - I feel so angry.
 Day 22 - I'm so depressed.
 Day 23 - What am I going to do?
 Day 24 - What might have been.
 Day 25 - God is not answering my prayers.
 Day 26 - I'll never recover from this.
 Day 27 - I deserve the pain I'm going through.
 Day 28 - I'm not going to make it.
 Day 29 - We can't expect to experience the miracles in the Bible today!
 Day 30 - Get Rid of Backward Thinking
 Day 31 - If I only had this one thing, life would be so much easier (so much better.)
 Day 32 - Get Rid of Negativity
 Day 33 - Get Rid of Small Thinking
 Day 34 - I've reached my limit.
 Day 35 - Our words don't have that much power.
 Day 36 - Our words don't have that much power. (part II)
 Day 37 - I will never be really successful.
 Day 38 - Eliminate excuse-making mentalities
 Day 39 - There is so much wrong in my life how can I ever expect anything good to come my way?
 Day 40 - It's just so hard to trust God.
 Best of Fast from Wrong Thinking: Fast from Thoughts of Uncertainty

The Original Fast from Wrong Thinking
 Day 1 - I can't...
 Day 2 - I don't have enough
 Day 3 - I'm overwhelmed
 Day 4 - Tragedy and Suffering
 Day 5 - I'm so worried
 Day 6 - My life is not as good as others
 Day 7 - My life is not that significant
 Day 8 - Grasshopper mentality
 Day 9 - What's wrong with me?
 Day 10 - That's just the way I am
 Day 11 - Don't get your hopes up
 Day 12 - I'm not that smart
 Day 13 - The victim mentality
 Day 14 - It's no use
 Day 15 - I guess this is all there is
 Day 16 - God must not want me to have this
 Day 17 - I'm limited by my financial status
 Day 18 - I Could Succeed if I Had the Right Surroundings, the Right People or the Right Breaks
 Day 19 - Prosperity is defined by how much money we have
 Day 20 - I just can't hold it all together
 Day 21 - I'm stuck.
 Day 22 - It's too late
 Day 23 - It's not working
 Day 24 - You just never know what the future holds
 Day 25 - If I just pray enough...
 Day 26 - God is far from me
 Day 27 - I'm Alone In This Storm
 Day 28 - It's So Hard
 Day 29 - God is mad at me
 Day 30 - God Is Judging Me
 Day 31 - I feel guilty
 Day 32 - I'm Not Worthy. I Don't Deserve To Be Blessed (After All I've Done Wrong).
 Day 33 - It's Not Going To Happen For Me.
 Day 34 - Things Aren't Getting Better. They're Getting Worse!
 Day 35 - I Just Can't Stop Blowing It. I Always Seem To Mess It Up.
 Day 36 - That Person Has Really Gone Too Far. They've Really Devastated Me.
 Day 37 - My Life Is Out Of Control.
 Day 38 - Why Don't I Have More?
 Day 39 - I Wonder If I'm Doing Enough For God.
 Day 40 - It's Impossible.

Use these 3 Resources During Your 40 Day Journey: