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: U = Up/Jump D = Down/Crouch F = Forward/Toward B = Back/Away X = FP = forward biff Y = BP = Back Punch A = FK = in advance Kick B = BK = backmost Kick LB = TG = Tag RB / (X A) = TH = gaming (Away) () (, ) (F RB) / (F X A) = TH = Throw (Towards) (, ) (F X A) = Throw reverse LT / (A B) = FS = Flip mental attitude ( ) RT = BL = Block () Dash: F, F Back Dash: B, B Uppercut: (D Y) Sweep: (B B) Pause/Movelist (/ ): Start : Close - start - Fullscreen - Sweep - ( ) Varies - platform Fatalities: Dead Pool, Hell, extant Forest, Pit, Street, Subway Super Enhancer ( Special Move) = ( Special Move RT) ( 1 ) Combo quarrier ( Kombo ) = (F RT) ( 2 ) X-RAY Attack ) = (LT RT) / (A) (B) (RT) ( 3 ) : Electro Net: B, B, (A RT) gluey weaponry - Close: B, B, (B RT) *Bangport: D, B, (X RT) Saw Blade: B, F, (Y RT) (PROJECTILE) Donkey Kick: D, F, (A RT) ( LOW KICK) Ragdolls: D, F, (A RT),(X A) **Power Anti-Air: D, F, (X RT) : Reboomerang - High: D, B, (X RT) ( DAM) (RETURNS) Reboomerang: D, F, (X RT) ( DAM) (RETURNS) Reboomerang - Low: D, F, (A RT) ( DAM) (RETURNS) Eclipse Kick: D, F, (B RT) ( DAM) ( SPEED) ( REACH) *Shadow Glow: B, F, (A RT) stick Smash: D, B, (Y RT) ( DAM) symbol Slam: D, F, (Y RT) ( DAM) : sprightliness Wave: D, B, Y Gotcha Grab: D, F, X material Pound - Close: D, B, A Ground Pound - Med: D, F, A physical object Pound - Far: D, B, F, A panache Punch: D, B, Y command processing overhead ti Smash: D, U, B *Air Gotcha: D, B, X *Back Breaker: RB : Assault Wave: D, B, (Y RT) ( HIT) (MID) Gotcha Beatdown: D, F, (X RT) ( PUNCHES) **Ground Quake - Close: D, B, (A RT) **Ground earthquake - Med: D, F, (A RT) **Ground Quake - Far: D, B, F, (A RT) radiotelegraphic signal Fist: D, B, (Y RT) ( THROW) Elite Smash: D, U, (B RT) ( THROW) *Air Gotcha Blast: D, B, (X RT) ( THROW) (FAR LAUNCH) : Multi Arrow: D, B, (X RT) Power Charge: F, F, (B RT) ( HIT) (MID) Tomahawk Bash: D, F, (X RT) ( HIT) (MID) Absorb: D, B, (Y RT) ( HEALTH) roar Storm: D, B, (A RT) (POP UP) *Strangle: D, F, (Y RT) ( DAM) : Ghostball: D, F, X *Teleport Slam: D, U phantom Charge: D, F, A dark Upknee: D, B, A Shadow Slide: B, F, B dark Hole - Above: D, B, Y Black Hole - Behind: D, F, Y Black depression - In Front: D, B, F, Y : Spirit Ball: D, F, (X RT) *Teleport Smash: D, U ( DAM) Saibot Charge: D, F, (A RT) ( DAM) Saibot Upknee: D, B, (A RT) ( COMBO OPENER) Saibot Slide: B, F, (B RT) ( DAM) dark - Above: D, B, (Y RT) ( SPEED) Darkness - Behind: D, F, (Y RT) ( SPEED) shadow - In Front: D, B, F, (Y RT) ( SPEED) : Acid Stream: D, F, (X RT) ( DAM)(-RANGE) matter Trail: B, F, (B RT) Vanish: D, U, (B RT) ( DAM) Slow Mega Ball: B, B, (X RT) ( DAM) Fast Mega Ball: B, B, (A RT) ( DAM) Reptilian Elbow: B, F, (Y RT) ( DAM) ( HIT) class Hand: D, B, (Y RT) ( JUGGLE) (): lethality 1 - Acid Yak: F, F, D, U, A (Sweep) Fatality 2 - Weight Loss: D, D, F, B, X (Sweep) Fatality 3 - Tasty Meal: B, B, F, D, RT (Jump) ( Reptile's Classic Costume DLC) Babality: B, F, B, D, A (Jump) Stage: F, D, D, RT (Varies) (): death 1 - Split Decision: F, D, F, Y (Close) Fatality 2 - Nether-Gate: B, F, B, A (Close) human death 3 - Toasty! : D, U, U, Y (Jump) ( Scorpion's Classic dress DLC) Babality: D, B, F, D, Y (Jump) Stage: F, U, U, X (Varies) : Fireskull: B, B, X Up Fireskull - Above: D, U, Y Up Fireskull - Behind: D, F, Y Up Fireskull - In Front: D, B, Y Ground Fireskull - Close: D, U, B broken Fireskull - Mid: D, F, B physical object Fireskull - Far: D, B, B *Soul Steal: F, D, B, A (): Fatality 1 - Have an Ice Day: B, F, D, F, B (Sweep) Fatality 2 - Spinal Smash: D, B, D, F, Y (Sweep) human death 3 - spur Rip: F, D, F, Y (Close) ( Sub-Zero's Classic Costume DLC) Babality: D, B, D, B (Jump) Stage: F, D, B, Y (Varies) : Ice Beam: D, F, (X RT) Cyber-Slide: B, F, (B RT) ( HIT) Frozen Parry: D, B, (Y RT) X3 Cryo weapons system - Close: B, B, (A RT) X3 Cryo arms - Mid: F, F, (A RT) X3 Cryo turkey - Far: B, F, F, (A RT) powerfulness Kick - Close: (D A RT) ( HIT) ability Kick - Mid: (D B RT) ( HIT) *Bangport: D, B, (X RT) ( HIT) : **Skeletal Buff: D, B, (B RT) Ground Blast - Close: D, B, (X RT) crushed Blast - Medium: D, F, (X RT) terra firma bang - Far: D, B, F, (X RT) Skull Chomp: D, B, (Y RT) Mesmerize: B, F, (A RT) *Sky Stomp: D, B, (A RT) B/F = / unmoral = : Up Slash: D, F, Y Down Slash: D, B, Y **Blood Drop: D, B, B Red Dash: D, F, A Red Slide: B [ Red Dash] ***Blood Ball: F, D, B, X ****Dagger Toss: D, F, X *Air knife - Close: D, B, X *Air Dagger - Far: D, F, X : Dual Up Slash: D, F, Y RT multiple Down Slash: D, B, Y RT **Blood Stomp: D, B, B RT Krimson Dash: D, F, A RT Krimson Slide: B [ Krimson Dash] ***Blood Ball: F, D, B, X RT ****Double Daggers: D, F, X RT *Tri Air grapheme - Close: D, B, X RT *Tri Air Dagger - Far: D, F, X RT c : tone Vengeance: B, F, Y RT Karma Eruption: D, B, X RT Telekinetic Blade - Close: D, B, B RT Telekinetic Blade - Mid: D, F, B RT Telekinetic Blade - Far: D, B, F, B RT Tele-Beatdown: B, F, A RT Knife Toss: D, B, Y RT : hell on earth sporting goods Close: D, B, X snake pit sports equipment Medium: D, F, X infernal region Spike Far: D, B, F, X lovable Dreams: D, F, B Glove Toss: B, F, Y Freddy Fingers: D, B, Y fantasy Shift Away: D, B, A Dream change Towards: D, F, A MORTAL-KOMBAT. RU: trial - Kombat- - highest earthly Kombat 3 - merciless Kombat (2011) (MK9) () - causal agency Kombat 3 - unmerciful Kombat (2011) (MK9) () Sony Playstattion 3 (PS3) - fiction status - Mortal Kombat (2011) (MK9) deadly Kombat X (Mortal Kombat 10, MKX) 2015 . mutual Entertainment Nether Realm Studios , , 2015 dramatic work Station 4, Play Station 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 PC.
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